„Why do you turn that moment of mystery where you’re not sure what’s going on immediately into rage? Why does it have to be transformed into rage? Could it be transformed into something else like curiosity, concern, interest, acknowledgement that maybe this particular thing isn’t to do with you? It’s ok sometimes for things not to be to do with you.“

(Zadie Smith)

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I am a philosopher offering

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My main focus lies in the intersection of aesthetics, politics, and everyday life. Currently, I am writing a book on the Aesthetics of Doubts.
Denying doubts and denying the value of doubts is disastrous, because unchanging and indubitable identity is a fiction, which can only be established and maintained through structural, indirect, or direct violence. Instead, it seems less violent, more realistic and more fruitful to acknowledge that subjects are living organisms, as much as political systems, economy, science, language, and relations are. These living organisms constantly alter.  more >


Hypercultural Passengers – International Art and Philosophy Project. Instead of the myth of the autonomous, self-sufficient identarian subject the project examines and promotes the idea of the subject as passenger. With: International artist exchances, philosophical talks and discussions, conference.

With Ariel Flórez: Syncopated Resistance: Rhythms of Post-Colonial Thinking


The Beauty of Doubting (Political Reflections on a Rebellious Feeling), Between the Ticks of the Watch (Chicago: The Renaissance Society at the University of Chicago, 2017) pp 153-183.

Critical Common Sense, Exemplary Doubting, and Reflective Judgment, in: Ramón del Castillo, Ángel M. Faerna, Larry A. Hickman (eds.), Confines of Democracy: Essays on the Philosophy of Richard Bernstein, New York 2015. Reply by Bernstein

The Eros of Doubting, in: Women in Philosophical Counseling, Luisa de Paula (eds.), Lexington Books, Lanham Maryland 2015.

Enjoying the Doubtful. On Transformative Suspensions in Pragmatist Aesthetics,“ in: European Journal of Pragmatism and American Philosophy, Volume 4, Number 1, 2012.